A Handle

A Handle

A Handle

I wish I could explain
What is going on in my mind,
But things are tangled, fuzzy, confusing
And the words, I just cannot find.

To know it you have to live it
To understand you’d have to feel,
Maybe if I could put it into words
I could untangle the thread and start to heal.

Getting through this is tough
Having to battle your own brain,
Some days I feel I have a handle
But then I slowly go insane.

The world starts to unravel
Each piece louder and moving fast,
I try to get a handle, to be still
But everything slips through my grasp.

It’s too much I can’t…
This place is not a welcoming abode,
“You’re selfish, rude, NOTHING” it tells me
Till I’m ready to explode.

Feels like there’s no end or peace
Just obstacles I work through,
Some days I feel I have a handle
But that little voice says “it’s not true.”

– Ashley Chavarin

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