Being a mom is a hard job. Being a mom to a toddler who is also a total sass-hole is even worse. If your kid is anything like mine, then there are daily meltdowns over absolutely nothing. I have decided to keep a record of some of the reasons why my four year old has meltdowns. After two days, I decided that was a lot more effort than I gave it credit for, so here are the top ten reasons he melted down:

1. He gave his brother a toy, but didn’t want his brother to have the toy.
2. I gave him too much ice cream (it comes pre-measured.)
3. I didn’t give him enough ice cream (Pre-measured)
4. His favorite cartoon characters where merged with another cartoon character on his P.J.s.
5. He ate his dinner.
6. His pillow was too soft.
7. I brushed my teeth.
8. Brother said “ahh-oooh” to him.
9. His truck is yellow.
10. My hair was wet after my shower.

What caused your little sass-holes to have meltdowns this week?

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