As a parent, we have wishes and dreams for our children, probably tons of them. Have you ever considered how to instill those thoughts, dreams, and ideas into your child’s character? This is something my husband and I decided to do. We determined that we should write down seven of our hopes and dreams for our son. Ironically, these came from a book our son is currently reading. Here are our top ten wishes we have for our child. These are in no particular order.

1. Be kind– Be kind, not only to others, but be kind to yourself. Do not put yourself down, or at least try not to. When you put yourself down, you become too critical on yourself. Be kind and lift yourself up. When you are kind to yourself, you will be respectful of yourself. When you are kind and respectful of yourself, you will be that to others.

2. Be confident – That is tough, I know, and I personally struggle with this one. Be confident in what you say and do. When you are confident, people will respect you more. Not only will people respect you, they will believe you. So, make sure you are speaking truth in your confidence, and that you believe in what you are saying to others.

3. Be careful – Be careful as if you were someone crossing a frozen river in winter. When you are careful, you make fewer mistakes, by being alert. When you are careful, you usually make the right choices, better choices.

4. Be alert – Be alert as if you were about to be accosted by an enemy of war. Always be ready for anything to happen. Not everybody is as kind as you are, and not everybody is as careful as you are, so be alert and ready for anything to happen.

5. Be courteous – Be as courteous if you were visitor in someone else’s home. Say your “please” and “thank yous” and show your appreciation for those around you.

6. Be fluid – Be fluid as an ice cube melting in your hands. Plain and simple. Just be cool, relaxed and calm.

7. Be whole – Be as whole as a sequoia. Basically, be yourself, your whole self. Do not pretend to be anybody else. That will not get you anywhere.

8. Be receptive – Be receptive as a sponge. You need to be willing to take things as they come at you and absorb them in a calm manner. This is not easy, as some things may rile us up. Try your hardest to be calm and receptive.

9. Be turbid – Be turbid as frosted glass. Be turbid, do not be clear or transparent. You don’t want people to see through you. If they can see through you, then they will walk all over you.

10. Be faithful – Be faithful to those closest to you. Be faithful to those who help you, and lift you up, and to those who show you these ten positive character traits. Those are the people you want around you, and to follow you through life.

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