Welcome to Minder!

An idea made reality by moms who were tired of the small talk. Hello Minder was named to literally translate to Mommy Tinder. Finding mom friends is just like dating. So we are making it easy to find your soul sister, one city at a time.

Enjoy The Mother Community

They say it takes a village. Well who is they and where did they go? Being a mom, especially a stay at home mom can be extremely isolating. Somewhere along the way, we lost our community. So Hello Minder’s goal is to put the unity back in community. If you’ve been looking for your tribe, you’ve found it.

Find Your People - Are You A Minder?

How many social media groups are you in where you can’t seem to connect with anyone? Or maybe you feel like you would be friends with someone in the group, but you don’t want to come off as that desperate mom begging for friends? Guess what, all Minders are desperate moms begging for friends. That’s why we host multiple events per month so you CAN make those friends you are craving. Drama free, strong and supportive women is what every mom needs by her side. That is what a Minder is. Are you a Minder?

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