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An idea made reality by moms who were tired of the small talk. Hello Minder was named to literally translate to Mommy Tinder. Finding mom friends is just like dating. So we are making it easy to find your soul sister, one city at a time.

Enjoy The Mother Community

They say it takes a village. Well who is they and where did they go? Being a mom, especially a stay at home mom can be extremely isolating. Somewhere along the way, we lost our community. So Hello Minder’s goal is to put the unity back in community. If you’ve been looking for your tribe, you’ve found it.

Find Your People - Are You A Minder?

How many social media groups are you in where you can’t seem to connect with anyone? Or maybe you feel like you would be friends with someone in the group, but you don’t want to come off as that desperate mom begging for friends? Guess what, all Minders are desperate moms begging for friends. That’s why we host multiple events per month so you CAN make those friends you are craving. Drama free, strong and supportive women is what every mom needs by her side. That is what a Minder is. Are you a Minder?

Our Most Recent Articles

Jazmin Davis

The Black Mom Perspective – Part 2

The past few months have been an unveiling of sorts. I have seen even more how people that I hold dear to my heart, feel about humanity issues. It has for sure kept me up at night wondering how I knew someone so well, but never really knew them at all. Then George Floyd’s murder happened. Now, we are unmasking how we really feel about black people.

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Hello Minder Admin

The Black Mom Perspective – Part 1

We have a strong belief that all moms within the HM community have a voice. We touch on any and every topic that we, as mothers and grandmothers, face. We are a group full of love, understanding, and support for all moms. For far too long, moms have not been provided a proper platform to express their emotions and opinions, their cries for support and understanding, as well as their need to know they are not alone.

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Kim Bryant

Thriving in a Multigenerational Living Arrangement

It’s a daily grind.
I am blessed to have a good relationship with my daughter and her partner, but even the best parent-adult child relationships can be strained by the reality that is living in the same household. Mix lifelong dynamics and persistent red-eyed-fatigue with stay-at-home orders and a toddler possessed of a strong will and you’ve got a recipe for explosive conflict or at the very least, chronic tension.

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Caroline Richardson

My Birth Stories

The next morning, my husband was called back and I was transferred to a delivery room as I had managed to get to 7cm dilated.  I was granted an epidural and after eighteen hours of contractions this was heaven!  I was finally allowed a cup of tea and at lunchtime, some food. This turned out to be a mistake…

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Pascale Louis – The Journey Blogger

The Beauty in our Imperfections

In life, there are some of us who wake up every day in a society where the general public wants and expects people to be someone other than who they are. Having to step into the world feeling pressured to pretend, emulate and impress, can lead to feeling scared, shame, and unworthy. I personally know how this feels.

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Leah Castle

5 Hacks To Help With Meal Prep

We often hear about meal prepping but even that alone sounds like a chore and time-consuming activity. It doesn’t necessarily have to be. Below are five tips I follow when it comes to ‘food prepping’ to help make sure I can get healthy and nutritious meals on the table quickly!

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