5 Things To Go By When Reorganizing With A Toddler

5 Things To Go By When Reorganizing With A Toddler

Many people watch those design shows on HGTV, DIY and other channels on the boob tube these days, me included. I am addicted to Fixer Upper. Like, put me in rehab and take away my credit card, hammer, and paint brush type of addicted. I will see something I like on a design show and want to try it my own way. This has actually been going on for about four years now, after my miscarriage, which had me laid up in bed all day. Binge watching Rehab Addict, Fixer Upper and a few other design shows is easy to accomplish when you are bedridden.
There are five things I usually go by when redecorating or reorganizing with a toddler around. They are:

1. Start Small…

I started with pretty small projects, things like repainting a lamp base and creating the picture wall in my living room. Small projects that are easy to do while you have an infant or a toddler running around. Think of things that you can even get your toddler involved with. Of course, nothing breakable, but maybe give them some paper or wood and a paint brush to create their own masterpieces. Toddlers love to help, so make sure you have something easy for them to join in. Remember, if it’s something you are going to paint, you can let them paint or draw on it and then paint over it later. As to not upset the little one correct their masterpiece when they are not around because, otherwise you will not hear the end of it.

2. Get Help…

As in your husband or a friend. For me, I am not able to lift heavy items due to small fractures in my back, so I rope my husband into some of my projects, and he happily obliges. He would actually love our house to be even more organized than it is, but we are working our way there. When I come up with an idea, I shoot it by him. He usually likes it too or will give his idea on how it should look and will help me make it come to life. Two things he has helped me with is a storage/console table unit made from crates. We stained five crates and lacquered them. Then, we placed them together to create the console table with storage. We added some stained and lacquered plywood to give an even flat surface on top. Plus, it helped keep the crates together. Another project was a DVD and cd storage on our living room wall beneath the T.V. It gave us more storage for our overflowing DVD collection along with a place to put the Blu-ray player and some pictures. It looks like some sort of a mantle for a fireplace we don’t have.

3. Kid Safe…

You want to makes sure everything is kid safe. The console table we made is attached to the wall so it doesn’t fall over on him. The CD and DVD shelf is up high enough that he cannot reach it. The photo wall is at a height that he can’t pull the frames off the wall, yet he can still see them and point out his favorite humans like mommy, daddy, and papa. In the console table storage, we actually put his toys in it. Originally, they were all just thrown into the crates, but recently we have gone to purchasing containers with lids to put the toys in to make it more organized and clean. Of course, larger trucks will not fit in the containers and in the crate openings, but at least it cleans up all the Lego pieces and action figures and small cars.

4. Yard Sales…

A way to get rid of the overabundance of items you may have and never use to help make your redecorating and reorganizing easier, is yard sales. Get rid of all that old stuff you never use anymore. Whether it’s an actual yard sale where you wake up at five in the morning to set up all your junk in your front yard for people to come and buy for mere pennies or you post it on Facebook Marketplace or the many different yard sale pages on Facebook in your area. Get rid of old junk you never use. You want to make room for life. This is one that is hard for me because I almost always find some sort of sentimental value to some of the items and I just cannot get rid of it. It’s hard, but listen to the voice of reason. You will be better organized if you hand it over to somebody else to deal with.

5. Make Plans…

One thing I always do when redecorating or re organizing is I sit down and look through Pinterest for ideas and I put my ideas to paper. I will also sit down with my husband and get his ideas. That way both of our wants are reflected in the project. Luckily, whatever I like, he usually likes also and doesn’t have much objection to it. It just wants to make sure he can help out, or sometimes is not needed too much.

Redecorating with a toddler is not always easy. These steps listed above might take longer than you planned, but always get them involved. They aim to please and want to be of help. Have them bring their toy hammer over, give them a paint brush, let them hold the level or place the pillow in just the right spot. The more you let your toddler help, the less they will be in the way and you will not have to deal with a tantrum from hearing they cannot help you.

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