60 Days In: New Years Goals

60 Days In: New Years Goals

This year, instead of a “resolution” my husband and I decided to set New Year goals. We decided to create a few goals, instead of resolutions. We chose a goal because, a resolution, according to my phones dictionary is, “a firm decision to do or not to do something”. A goal, according to my phone’s dictionary is, “the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result”. We didn’t want the absolute. With a resolution you either pass or fail. With a goal, you aim for it and if you don’t make it, it’s not the end of the world. So, we chose the goal in case we “fall off the wagon.” However, the real question is what are the results in the second month of the year?

What are your goals or resolutions for this year? If you still haven’t come up with anything, here are five ideas to help you get started:

1. Get Healthy

Of course, this one is typical. Everybody wants to eat better and work out more. Many people end up going to a local gym and create a new debt for self and/or family, which may leave them defeated if paying off debt is another resolution. I’ve seen it firsthand. When I was in my 20’s I worked at a popular gym at the front desk. By January 1st we were ALWAYS busy with new or potential clients, who sought out the perfect membership for them and their family. We would also see an elevated trend for members who had not visited the gym in months. It was as if they figured they should probably use that membership they were paying for. It’s an easy resolution or goal to start, but rarely do people finish through. Usually, January is the busiest month in that industry, then people slack off and cut back. This happens mostly because, they get busy, injured from hitting the gym too hard, or just decide it isn’t for them.

2. Less Electronics-More Family Time

This is probably a big one for most families because, most people have a phone, tablet, or game console. I have a few friends who have set this goal for 2019, mainly for the kids, adults not exempt. My friends have been planning family time for at least an hour at night, by playing board games, reading together, going for walks, or even just going for a drive to see new places. I am guilty of all of the above offenses. I am constantly on my phone playing games, scrolling through social media, or answering work e-mails when I should be with my family. My goal this year to be more present. We have also limited our son’s use of his iPad, which he received from my in laws for Christmas. We have to do this now because, when it comes time to put it away for the night, he turns into a different person. It controls him and he gets nasty and cranky and yells, “NOOOOO my iPad!” He is only three, and we typically use it for education, but he relies on it too much.

3. Budgeting

This is the one we are working on the most. We hated that we were living paycheck to paycheck and barely had enough money for extra things. We were buying things we really didn’t need. So, in December, I bought a budget tracker from Erin Condren. She creates amazing day planners and I found out she has many different types of planners, while I searched Amazon for budgeting books. It’s simple to use and I chose an actual book budgeter because, I like to write things down and have it in ink for later. If you want it more at the palm of your hands, I have heard there are several amazing apps for your phone as well. That’s not our style, so I didn’t even look into that. So far, we have made good and wise choices and have been able to have a little money for extra things like going to dinner and special trips with our son to fun places like the zoo, aquarium, and we were left with a tiny bit in savings too. So far it has worked for us and I am following through on my goal. In the long run, this is going to help our family out tremendously.

4. Vacations

Maybe you have always wanted to take that cruise with the family to Alaska, Mexico, or the Bahamas. Maybe you’ve always wanted to go on that road trip across the country together in an RV. Or, maybe you have wanted to take the family to Hawaii? Make that your goal or resolution for the year. Save the money. Make a down payment on a favorite destination. Plan out your route. And set the dates. Take that family vacation and make those amazing memories. You don’t want to say at the end of the year that, “I wish we would have gone to {blank}” or “I wish we would have taken that trip.” Don’t miss out. Don’t say “I wish”. Do it! Make it your goal to take that memory filled family vacation.

5. Date Nights/Friends Night Out

We all could benefit from date nights with our significant other or nights out with our girlfriends. Make a plan and do it! Stick to it. If once a week is too much for you, start with once a month. Make it fun by having somebody different plan the event each month. If it’s date night, take turns planning what you do. Dinner at that amazing new restaurant, take it back to high school and go miniature golfing, movie night, paint and sip nights, learn to cook a certain type of meal. The possibilities are endless. All of these ideas can also apply to nights out with your friends.

What have you decided to do this year? Did you make a resolution or goal for the year on New Year Eve? If so, where do you stand with that decision? Have you stuck it out? Did you fall off the wagon yet? It’s only February. You still have time to get back on the wagon and make those plans or decisions. Stick it out. In the end, you won’t be saying “I wish” or “I should have”. Like I said, it’s not too late!

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