How Do I Meditate At Home – 4 Ways To Get You Started

I regularly get questions from people who want to know how I meditate at home, seeing as I have a freelance business and a blog on top of the homemaking and parenting that comes with being a wife and a mother.

The truth is, like most mums, my life is pretty manic right now. Husband works full-time. My young son is a proper threenager who fights bedtime and then wakes up early in the morning – a few minutes after I wake up (I swear he’s got a tracker on me!). We don’t have a cleaner or a cook. And I’m a work-at-home mum on a tight deadline.

Sound familiar?

I bet it does.

And this is exactly why I meditate.

Diagnosed with postnatal depression 18 months after my son was born and gifted with a restless and anxious nature for as long as I can remember, I need meditation the way I need air to breathe.

But I know how scary it can be to try and start another habit when you barely have time to brush your teeth.

I really do.

Seriously, why would you want to add one more thing to your to-do list? It’s just going to make you feel guiltier when you don’t do it. Because who…has..the…time??!!

Fortunately for us busy mums, we don’t actually have to spare that much time in order to start meditating. You can simply pay attention to your breathing for a few minutes, listen to short meditation videos on YouTube or play some energy clearing music and subliminals.

Breathing Meditation

Contrary to common misconception, you don’t have to sit with your eyes closed for hours at a time in order to enjoy the benefits of meditation.

At its core, meditation is all about focusing on the present moment. And wouldn’t you know it, practicing natural breathing, calming breath and calming counts for a few minutes every day can get you there.

Quick and Easy Meditation

If you only have 5-10 minutes to spare but you want or need to actually take the time to close your eyes and slow the panicky circling of your mind, you can always turn on YouTube and play one of these videos.

They’re free. They don’t take much time. And they’re easy enough for any novice to do.

I always recommend these to anyone wanting to try meditation for the first time.

Energy Clearing

I am partial to the work of both Aleya Dao and Christie Marie Sheldon.

When I’m listening to Aleya Dao’s Cups of Consciousness, I usually do some computer work or even housework. Her music never fails to uplift and you can actually feel the energy coursing through you.

I love her music because I never have to stop what I’m doing in order to enjoy the power of her work. Perfect for those days when I’m feeling overwhelmed or on a tight deadline.

On the other hand, I usually play Christie Marie Sheldon’s work just before I go to sleep. I have insomnia and thankfully, this is one of those things that are guaranteed to knock me out. Energy clearing can be exhausting and sometimes, for it to fully work, your body needs to go to sleep.

Christie Marie has got a few programmes but my personal favorite is Unlimited Abundance where she dives deep into your energetic essence and clears whatever Abundance Blocks silently trap you in a “holding pattern of lack, self-sabotage, unfulfilled potential, and that unmistakable feeling of being helplessly stuck”.

What a tall order you might say. Is it true?

Boy, do I have a story to tell you! But that deserves its own post (soon to be published in Live A Blissful Life) and so I won’t talk about that here.

Anyway, I personally believe that energy clearing is perfect for busy parents because they work in the background. In fact, it works better when you’re not paying attention to the words being said.

All you have to do is play it loud enough so you can hear it and then do something else whilst your listening.

That’s it. You’re good to go.


The fourth way you can easily incorporate meditation in your busy day is to make use of subliminal messaging, “a technique by which a message is moved beyond your conscious level of hearing”.

Just like during an energy clearing, you don’t need to drop whatever you’re doing in order to benefit from it. The message still gets registered on an unconscious level by your subconscious mind and change happens without your logical, conscious mind getting in the way.

I have a preference for the albums produced by Real Subliminal and alternate them depending on what I feel I need to work on.

For example, when I’m feeling particularly agitated, I listen to their album called “Deep Calm” and feel most of the negativity fall away.

It’s pretty impressive stuff.

Final Stuff

And there you have the lowdown on how I meditate at home and the 4 different ways you too can get started.

As you can see, you don’t need to stop what you’re doing – parenting, cleaning, working etc – in order to experience the benefits that meditation can bring.

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