Our Journey

Our Journey began with a brief message about simple interests. This quickly blossomed into curiosity and friendship. Friendship doesn’t usually come easy between a man and a woman, but for us it was simple.  We exchanged pleasantries, while learning more about each other, our likes, dislikes, hobbies, and fascinations. We learned quickly on that we had a lot in common, but we are also very different. This is why we work. 

Our first date was the first day that I realized not every man is an awful D bag. After dealing with my three year old’s father and his selfishness, I can appreciate someone who wants to be nice to me and my child. Jordan was kind and opened my doors. Sure, I don’t need him to open my door, but the gesture was amazing. We had a lovely dinner and Liam, my son, was the topic of discussion. I felt it was necessary to ensure that Jordan understood we were a packaged deal. I wasn’t prepared for a formal meeting, but I did need to be transparent. Luckily, for myself and my son, Jordan was swiftly accepting of that deal. He told me that he was ready to be a step-dad.

After several more successful dates, filled with laughter, shared stories, and memories made, we made our relationship official. Several months later, Jordan met Liam and the introduction went better than expected. Jordan showed Liam his video games and Liam was hooked. Liam enjoyed spending time with Jordan and loved watching him blow things up. Typical boy business. It was a short time after that, when I felt that I could trust Jordan enough to leave him alone with my toddler. My nerves were shot an hour in, but low and behold when I picked Liam up both were alive and well. In fact, they were having a great time and probably didn’t miss me at all.

Flash forward another month or so and Jordan asked me to move in. This was a difficult choice for me because, I would be giving up my safety net by allowing myself to depend on Jordan. In the end, I decided that living without him was a lonely place. We are better together. I moved in and there were several more milestone to follow. We shocked our family with our super-secret squirrel elopement. We made the jump to marriage on 07/26/2019. We had both met each other’s families and even that was a great pairing. Our families are very similar and our lifestyles uncompromised for it. We were raised with very similar morals and judgement. 

I decided to write this blog as a dedication of my love and faithfulness to my husband, whom I am grateful for every day. His dedication to Liam and myself is unsurpassed by his actions, not words. This is what I wanted to write about in this blog. However, there is more to this story than these few paragraphs. You see, my husband is in the Air Force. We were not expecting a deployment so soon. We learned about his orders a few weeks back. I had not told him that I was not feeling especially well. I didn’t want to burden him with my health, while dealing with the stress of an impending set of military orders.

In the end I caved. I finally told him about my condition. Thankfully, my medical diagnosis is not terminal, or long-term. It is short –term and should come to a halt at the end of June. We would like to inform our family and friends about what we will endure over the next several months.

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